Project Actions

The BIOnian project consists of four Work Packages

The aim of this WP is the creation of the soil map of the Ionian Islands through systematic analysis, identification of soils in the field, soil sampling/analysis and using UAV.

Mapping will be carried out through aerial remote sensing and photogrammetric interpretation methods (UAV). Land uses-covers, agricultural lands, a.o. will be digitally mapped, while after geostatistical processing of the data, derivative maps will be developed (e.g. soil quality as a habitat of soil biodiversity, etc.). Environmental indicators will be identified and biodiversity risk maps will be developed.

WP 1.1. Soil mapping

Field actions and development of a soil map of the Ionian Islands

WP 1.2. Mapping using UAV

Mapping with remote sensing and photogrametric interpretation methods using UAV. Land uses-covers, geological formations, agricultural lands, forest areas, pastures, water resources and aquifers will be digitally mapped.

WP 1.3. Derivative maps

Geostatistical analysis and development of derivative thematic map, such as soil fertility, natural and chemical soil parameters, crop selection and restructuring, soil suitability for reuse of liquid and solid organic additives, and soil quality as habitat for soil habitat.

WP 1.4. Design and modeling of decision-making process - Assessment of risk zones by biodiversity related factors

Composition of the appropriate derivative criteria and spatial data for the design of environmental indicators and modeling of a multi-criteria decision-making system for the development of risk maps for the biodiversity of PIN (soil erosion and degradation, infection of flora diseases of protected areas and cultivated species, marine penetration).

Development of a web platform in which all spatial information will be integrated into an online Geographic Information System (GIS). Evaluation of geomorphometric characteristics from the UAV flights and determination of the degree to which the topography can be connected with the factors that affect biodiversity. Development of risk assessment maps (pollution of groundwater systems, landslides, etc.). Detection of temporal changes using satellite images of areas of particular interest, land use/coverage and water resources. Development of a networikng application, which will be integrated in the web platform, for the awereness of the citizens and the promotion of the ecosystems, ecotourism routes that will be designed and digitized, as well as elements of natural beauty of PIN.

WP 2.1. Web Platform Development

A web platform will be designed and developed for the use of data related to the topography, geology, climate, flora and fauna, etc. for better and more efficient monitoring of the biodiversity of PIN. All related spatial information will be integrated into a user-friendly web-based GIS system, and will be available, visualized, and easily accessible to the general public via interactive digital maps.

WP 2.2. Mapping of geomorphometric characteristics

A number of geomorphometric variables (e.g. ground slope, drainage density), as taken from UAV flights, will be evaluated through various algorithms to determine the extent to which topography can be linked to the various factors affecting biodiversity.

WP 2.3. Assessment of risk zones by natural and man-made hazards

The diverse geomorphological and hydrological data that will be collected and identified by the UAV, will be calibrated and weighed through multicritical analysis as well as the application of corresponding mathematical models (DRASTIC), so that a system can be modeled for the assessment of risk zones, and the corresponding risk assessment maps (pollution of groundwater systems, floods, landslides, tectonic phenomena such as subsidence, changes in land use, construction and expansion of infrastructure, etc.) can be developed.

WP 2.4. Spatial and temporal mapping of biodiversity and available water resources

The aerial photographs from the UAV flights will be compared with satellite images of previous years, through technical approaches of geoinformatics, in order to identify any changes that have occurred in the long run regarding areas of particular interest for maintaining biodiversity, land use-coverage as well as the available water resources.

WP 2.5. Networking Application Development

An online application will be designed and implemented, which will be integrated in the project's web platform, for the better and more efficient awareness of the citizens in matters of biodiversity, as well as the promotion of the various ecosystems, ecotourism routes and natural beauty elements of PIN. The related ecotourism routes will be designed and then digitized. The user will be able to interact and (1) be informed in detail about the biodiversity of the area (s)he wants to visit and the ecotourism route (s)he prefers, interacting with dedicated designed digital maps of the area, (2) to promote relevant comments, photos, information and updates on social media and/or to the Management Body. The user will also be able to take virtual tours (360° high resolution panoramas) enabling virtual visit to the site.

A database will be designed and developed that will function as a Catalog of Environmental and Spatial Data and Metadata Sources. Design and development will include information retrieval software based on criteria and the use of metadata. The database will be accessible via search software to the wider public using a standard web browser.

The Work Package includes information activities for the wider public (citizens, visitors, tourists, scientific staff, and students), the Protected Areas Management Bodies, the structures and mechanisms of PIN but also the production/touristic bodies. Indicatively mentioned are the creation of electronic advertising material, the organization of educational ecotourism trips and the use of the networking application for students, the organization of educational seminars for the Region and its structures as well as open thematic conferences to the productive bodies of the Ionian Islands.