Results - Benefits

The BIOnian proposal is a milestone project for the holistic management of biodiversity in the Ionian Islands Region, given that its completion will provide the necessary data, information and tools to respond/cover the challenges mentioned in the National Biodiversity Strategy abd in which the country generally lags behind, namely:

  • increased knowledge by implementing tools for systematic monitoring of the situation and trends of the individual elements of biodiversity as well as facilitating access to this information
  • protection and management of agricultural biodiversity
  • landscape protection and management
  • conservation, management and restoration of biodiversity outside the protected areas
  • tackling climate change, and taking action to reduce its impact on biodiversity
  • developing forest maps, completing the country's soil map, land-use map, and
  • prevention and treatment of threats arising from natural disasters, in particular natural habitat disasters

The BIOnian project starting with the creation of the soil map of the Ionian Islands, will record, map and evaluate with modern technological means, all the ecosystems of the Ionian Islands that are supported and affected, directly and indirectly, by the quality of the soil.

Thus, the collection and digitization of information and the development of decision-making tools will allow PIN to know and prevent degradation risks and mitigate environmental pressures, in order to design and implement sustainable strategies in areas related to biodiversity, soil and water.

Effective management of the areas of interest of PIN will be achieved and there will be the possibility of developing management plans in many areas (land-use, tourism, agriculture, forest areas, water resources management, pastures, etc.).

With the impetus given to agricultural production, the latter will now be able to have a clear orientation and quantitative targets without reducing efficiency (e.g. the need to use fertilizers and plant protection products, select the right type of crop, delimit cultivation zones). At the same time, local products will be highlighted with an emphasis on the implementation of "green agriculture" practices.

The development of promotion tools (web platform and networking application) of the areas of natural beauty and protected areas will contribute to the development of "green tourism" by attracting tourists and visitors to areas of recreation and great ecological value.

The important benefits that are expected are:

  • More effective protection of biodiversity and non-urban environment of PIN from anthropogenic and natural hazards
  • Protection and improvement of available resources (soil, water)
  • Reduction of control costs and monitoring of areas of interest
  • Reduction of agricultural production costs and maintenance and/or improvement of efficiency
  • Increasing economic benefit of various productive sectors (tourism, manufacturing)