About the Project


  • Creation of a soil map of the Ionian Islands
  • Creation of territorial thematic maps, such as risk of soil erosion and degradation, fertility, selection and restructuring of crops according to soil-climatic data, soil suitability for reuse of organic additives/waste according to national legislation soil quality as a habitat for soil biodiversity (plant and animal), assessing the risk of degradation/pollution of groundwater and surface water resources
  • Mapping of land and coverage uses, geomorphological formations, agricultural areas, forest areas, pastures, water resources, aquatic habitats and geomorphometric characteristics
  • Spatial and temporal mapping of geo-diversity and biodiversity to identify and monitor long-term changes in areas of particular interest in conserving biodiversity as well as land use, land cover and water resources
  • Assessment of risk zones by natural hazards (e.g. erosion, floods) and biodiversity-related factors (e.g. disease spread)
  • Development of a web platform and integration of all the above in a Geographic Information System (GIS) for the monitoring of the biodiversity and the available water resources of the Ionian Islands Region
  • Networking of ecosystems, landscapes and elements of natural beauty and promotion of ecotourism routes through online application

Priority Axis

"Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development" of the OP "Ionian Islands"

Action Category

Actions for protection, management and gentle use of ecosystems and natural beauty areas

Total Cost


Project Duration

2/7/2018 – 30/6/2022